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Service Disruption

Sorry, I need to take a second to freak out. Via UPI

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That’s Not A Zucchini

Some people are just so excitable. Via Neatorama

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Month of Scares: Look before you Airbnb!

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about this community, it’s that we like to travel.  From Facetaco’s trips to Italy and Gnidrah’s almost fanatical devotion to following around her local teams, to Flanny’s trips to odd places in Michigan, we … Continue reading

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They’re Watching

You guys…I’ve been so worried about the threat to humanity from the sea that I’ve been discounting the Kangaroo menace. They’re always watching…

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Fire From Below

Lay off the Indian food, New Yorkers.  #poopjokes Via DPnF

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Terror From Down Under

You don’t need a dinosaur or giraffe chasing you for it to be a frightening experience. Via NPR  

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You’ll Need to Find a New Place for Witchery

Etsy, that purveyor of random crap that is slowly taking the place of the arts and crafts tent at country fairs, is changing their policy, and this one has serious implications for the…heathens among us.

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The Truth is Out There: There’s Someone for Everyone!

I’m not sure how much AM radio you guys have listened to, but my dad loves it.  (Dads!)  On many a long drive with nothing breaking up the monotony of the wide open plains, a strange program would pop on … Continue reading

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What the Children are Up To

Teens are into so much these days: But you know what trend the kids are really getting into these days?  Summoning Mexican demons!

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Are We Cursed? An HM Investigative Report

After the terrible news broke yesterday that Zayn was leaving One Direction, our very own blogmother, Theresa, made the offhand comment that we may be cursed.  I think she’s right, and I think we might be able to trace it … Continue reading

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