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Search Terms of January 2016

The first terms of 2016!  So exciting!

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This Is Turning Out To Be A Total Waste Of Time

One of modern pop culture’s most prominent touchstones is the animated television show known as The Simpsons.  I mean, it should be after twenty seven GODDAMN seasons.  To this day, there’s one event in my life that occurs every week … Continue reading

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Search Terms of November 2015

Surprisingly, nothing about turkey.

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Search Terms of October 2015

What fun do we have in store for last month’s results?

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A Ctrl+F For The Cinematic World

A few months ago, a friend and I ordered Tex-Mex for dinner.  He does not have the greatest constitution, so after the meal he proceeded to crack open a bottle of Maalox and drink it straight from the source.  That moment reminded me … Continue reading

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Search Terms of September 2015

I can’t even remember to post this before halfway through the month.  Oh well.

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Search Terms of August 2015

Let’s reminisce on the good times we had this summer.

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