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Beware Of Strenuous Activity

View this post on Instagram Good morning!!!! #lukebryantoday @todayshow A post shared by Hoda Kotb (@hodakotb) on Jun 3, 2016 at 3:41am PDT   Here we have a photo of country musician Luke Bryant, along side The Today Show’s Hoda … Continue reading

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This Would Be Scandalous If I Didn’t Already It Was Going On

Why must your turn my news feed into a house of lies? Via Pleated Jeans

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A Natural Pairing

Sometimes it doesn’t take a lot of effort to get it right. Via IGN

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Go Ahead And Throw Your Keyboard In The Trash

For decades, we’ve been using mundane input devices to control our computer.  Any dullard can press a series of buttons labeled with the alphabet or a small plastic mound named after a rodent.  With the Makey Makey Go, you can turn anything … Continue reading

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Just a Regular Photo In The Park

What’s this?  It’s just a girl holding hands with her boyfriend that has a zombie-like complexion, out for a stroll.  Nothing out of the ordinary here, right?

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The Unlikeliest of Weapons

In the past, I have shared some of the rather silly things people to with selfies.  Today, I present you with a potentially life-saving application.  For a recent game jam, developer mint created a game where you must rid the world … Continue reading

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An Unholy Union

No, that isn’t a reference to the young couple.  This video has merged two of our most time-honored/vile traditions: selfies and proposals.  I assume February 19th 2015 is the actual final date on the Mayan calendar. Via Daily Picks and … Continue reading

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