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It’s Monday and Laga Gaga is Tired of Your Love Fantasies

Every since Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga’s wonderful performance of “Shallow” at the Oscars, twitter et. al. has been buzzing with rumors that they are in love. Or at least in sex. Never mind that Cooper is in a relationship … Continue reading

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The Consummate Professional

If he can get through this, you can get through your goddamn presentation. Via NPR

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The Idol Bump

Maybe our dating lives would improve with some help from a popular singer?  (Nah, just don’t write weird/scummy profiles). Via Time

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Soothes The Savage Beast

One of my favorite scenes from Kingsman: The Secret Service was early on in the film where Colin Firth tries to explain to his young apprentice how he was going to help the young man realize his potential.  He tried … Continue reading

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Ending On A High Note

THAT’S how you end a concert. Via DPnF

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Look, I’m not going to judge.  If you can attack the morning after a party with this much zeal, I salute you. Via Viral Viral Videos

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Polyphonic Singing Freaks Me Out in the Best Way Possible

At first it’s like, “What the… that sound … holy crap!” Then it’s like, “That is weird and mesmerizing!” Then it’s like, “That is so freakishly cool and I wish I could do it.” Anna-Maria Hefele demonstrates her polyphonic singing … Continue reading

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Open Thread – Karaoke Edition!

There was some interesting talk about alternatives to karaoke yesterday, and they all sound very fun, but I have to say that there’s nothing like the real thing!  I LOVE karaoke!  I’m a TERRIBLE singer, but that doesn’t stop me … Continue reading

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Jeff Goldblum, how do you do it?

Confusing. Here is Jeff Goldblum–basically a string bean with ears, certainly thinking dirty things while licking his lips, pausing and emphasizing oddly, wearing those weirdo clear glasses that I cannot make a decision on–singing the JP theme song in a … Continue reading

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Stay With Me, Vin

  He’s on a roll with these “stay” songs. (Side note: Guardians of the Galaxy was great, go check it out) Via Stereogum

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