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Anytime Is A Good Time To Produce Cow Sounds

It’s like the “aloha” of skater slang. Via ViralViralVideos

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A Very Real and Authentic Review Of Shoes And Skateboarding Culture

Take me to the nearest wooden deck store, good sir. Via Laughing Squid

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Monster Community Pool – 12/3/2015

Is there a way to clean fish juice out of a tote bag? If you need 45 minutes to kill, here you go. Just a good business move. Idea for leftover skateboards. Some people just can’t quit The Muppets.

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Time Collapsed Skateboarding Footage is Way Sick Brah

On the surface, the idea of time collapsing is super terrifying. Hopefully, in its most literal sense, it will only be a problem for future generations to deal with when scientists accidentally rupture the space-time continuum by mixing Pop Rocks … Continue reading

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