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Sports, I Think!

This is probably the best one could do without sorcery or technology from 500 years from now. Via Quartz

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Wait, Maybe GoPro Videos Are Best When Something Goes Horribly Wrong?

On Wednesday, we learned that the rugged toughness of the GoPro camera is no match for a golf ball at point blank range. Now, in our ongoing coverage of the Republican debates distressingly predictable camcorder mishaps the world over, we have a GoPro dropping … Continue reading

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Two Nightmares Spawned From This Video

“Damn it, I just lost my $500 camera, and I didn’t get the replacement plan!” “HOLY SHIT I’M IN THE MIDDLE OF A 10,000 FOOT DROP” Via CNET

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The Importance of a Secure Shoelace Knot

To prevent this from happening to you, please refer here.  Faces around the world will thank you. Via Tastefully Offensive

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O-Town Skydives Into Your Hearts, Lands a Couple Fields Off

Aww, shit, y’all, O-Town is back!  And their new song IS technically music! “I won’t let go of the dreams I had, I know they can come true.” – O-Town. Unfortunately for fans of frosted tips everywhere, Ashley Parker Angel … Continue reading

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