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Tuesday TV Talk

One of TV’s most revered traditions is to proclaim how Saturday Night Live is dying/dead/not funny anymore/hitting a slump/irrelevant.  I’ve watched a fair amount of SNL this season, and while it’s not always great, I feel like it’s been pretty … Continue reading

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Tuesday TV Talk

Now that we’re halfway through December, most shows have gone on their winter hiatus, and we’re treated to a series of holiday themed programming.  For me, my favorite piece of holiday TV is this old Will Ferrell skit from his … Continue reading

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Monster Community Pool – 8/18/2015

Be one with nature. The natural transition from satirical news. Something in the woods scarier than Bigfoot. It’s not a bike made of antique tuba parts, but it’ll do. Prepare yourself for the first few weeks of SNL. But not … Continue reading

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Stefon returns!

Stefon once again graced the Weekend Update desk with his presence. Nothing else needs to be said. Just watch. Apparently NBC doesn’t want me to embed this video no matter how hard I try, so watch it HERE.

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I am into the latest SNL casting news

Darrell Hammon is going to be the new announcer on SNL. I’ve missed him! I’ve missed him! We all know that casting news on SNL is usually sure manly and super white and always the recipient of criticism-o-rama, but I … Continue reading

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Everyone’s Favorite Anything Chris Pratt to Host Season Premiere of SNL

SNL is coming back September 27th, with guest host Chris Pratt, everyone’s favorite imaginary boyfriend, with musical guest Ariana Grande, everyone’s favorite member of the cast of the terrible Nickelodeon show Victorious. Cool, good, I’m into it.  I will be … Continue reading

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Grantland’s “Saturday Night Live at 40” is Worth Your Time

In case anyone didn’t notice, Grantland has been running a weeklong retrospective on Saturday Night Live turning 40 all week, and it’s very good stuff! I recommend at least reading “The Glue” by Bryan Curtis, about my all-time favorite human … Continue reading

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