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Why Even Bother Switching Shoes When You Get Home?

Just get that workout out of the way. Via DPnF

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Monster Community Pool – 7/7/2015

I just want to stand out in the sun and absorb its rays like I’m Superman. Even if you’re a dog, you gotta go out on top. I know kung fu. What’s the opposite of the U.S. Women’s National Team? … Continue reading

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To The Victor, The Spoils (Biscuits)

My apologies for a lack of posting action during the quarter and semi-final stage of the Women’s World Cup. I’ve been visiting the motherland (Greece), which, as you can imagine, is quite busy right now… of which more another time. … Continue reading

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Women’s World Cup Sweepstake – The Draw

*drum roll please* The draw has taken place, and I can now reveal who you will be backing during the forthcoming Women’s World Cup in Canada. (Why yes, that IS a sexy model lady with nothing to do with football … Continue reading

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The OC S01E09: If The Bucket’s a-Rockin’, Don’t Come a-Knockin’

I know that IRL it’s July and school’s out for summer, but on The OC this week, school’s in for Summer (and the rest of the gang) (see what I did there?) (so clever) (nailed it). These teens have had … Continue reading

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A half hour into the Germany v. Brazil game, and the Axis Superpower is up 5-0.  Ouch, y’all, this is painful. (No, I mean GREAT!  It’s WONDERFUL!  Uber alles, everybody!)

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A Dog and A Turtle Playing Nose Soccer

As we wind down this World Cup season, it must be difficult for so many of us to stay interested in the competition, since our sweepstakes teams are out. (Not me, though. Holland for life. Still making it happen.) Would … Continue reading

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The Dream is Dead (For Now)

Another year, another loss in the knockout round.  Despite their best efforts, the US Men’s National Soccer Team fell to Belgium 2-1.  Even though Team USA was able to keep the game scoreless through regular time (featuring an amazeballs performance by Tim Howard), … Continue reading

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Journalistic Objectivity Falls Before The Might of America

My apologies to cassmasterflash for covering her team, but goddamnit, this is the United States of America.  I would be remiss to let Team USA’s thrilling 2-1 victory over Ghana on Monday go unmentioned.  Group H is known as “The Group of … Continue reading

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Spain Reshapes The Narrative

Here’s a picture of Iker Casillas looking up at the clock while the U2 song Stuck In A Moment plays in his head.  “The Dutch are only a single component of this moment’s cruel merrymaking at my expense,” he is … Continue reading

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