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The Dream is Dead (For Now)

Another year, another loss in the knockout round.  Despite their best efforts, the US Men’s National Soccer Team fell to Belgium 2-1.  Even though Team USA was able to keep the game scoreless through regular time (featuring an amazeballs performance by Tim Howard), … Continue reading

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Journalistic Objectivity Falls Before The Might of America

My apologies to cassmasterflash for covering her team, but goddamnit, this is the United States of America.  I would be remiss to let Team USA’s thrilling 2-1 victory over Ghana on Monday go unmentioned.  Group H is known as “The Group of … Continue reading

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Spain Reshapes The Narrative

Here’s a picture of Iker Casillas looking up at the clock while the U2 song Stuck In A Moment plays in his head.  “The Dutch are only a single component of this moment’s cruel merrymaking at my expense,” he is … Continue reading

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World Cup? World Schmup!

I’m going to share something that I’m sure will shock all of you: I’m not a fan of sports! Some sports I actively hate (American football). Some sports I have no feelings about (hockey). Some sports I feel mildly positive … Continue reading

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*onomatopoeic transcription of a vuvuzela sound*!! (but in Spanish)

According to FIFA (the Footballers’ International Friendship Assembly): The Spanish delegation arrived on Sunday evening in Brazil, ahead (Ed. note: ahead! such polite young men) of the 2014 FIFA World Cup™. The defending champions are aiming to win their fourth … Continue reading

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