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Contingency Barf Bag, Check

Space is basically a sandbox for weird experiements you come up with in the shower. Via CNET Advertisements

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A Giant Waste of Taxpayer Money

Apparently space nerds know how to piss away time, too. Via ABC News

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Arts and Sciences

Kids gotta learn about space cellos somehow. Via Mashable

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Let’s Have A Discussion About Coffee

As your new BM, I thought I’d ease into the role by having a food-related post.  I did a quick search through the previous entries, and I hadn’t seen one done for coffee, so let’s start with that!

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It’s Good To Keep Things Interesting

Because living in space for months is FREAKIN’ LAME, the crew of International Space Station Expedition 45 decided to spice things up with their official group photo.  Chances are they are all nerds and did this voluntarily, but I wouldn’t put … Continue reading

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Check Out this Spacey Short Film: “Wanderers”

Relax your eyes for a bit and join an intrepid band of tiny future humans as they leave Mother Earth behind in this dreamy tribute to human potential narrated by the ghost of Carl Sagan. Filmmaker Erik Wernquist has used real photos and … Continue reading

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A Taste Of The Cosmos

I’m not a big whisky drinker, but whenever I do have a glass, I try to have something worth consuming.  If successful, my next cocktail contain some experimental whisky from Ardbeg Distillery.  Three years ago, they teamed up with commercial space company … Continue reading

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