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Spooky Tourism: Halloween Horror Nights!

‘Spooky Tourism’ is kind of a misnomer for this post because this isn’t spooky so much as it is absolutely terrifying!  Spooky is reserved for those creepy feelings you get that have to do with a weird sound, light breeze … Continue reading

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Disco Ghost Leaves Woman Unfazed

(Damn, looks like I missed out on that disco brunch!) A Texan woman (or is she from Cleveland? Make up your mind, fake news) who was trying to take a picture of her nephew ended up with a shot of … Continue reading

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Two Sentence Spooky Stories

Recently on Reddit users tried to come up with the spookiest horror stories possible using only two sentences. Exhibit A: You can read some creepy ones paired with creepy photography here, or you could go ahead and try to write … Continue reading

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Month of SCARES* Planning Post

*Spooky ‘Caps and Really Eerie Stories Hi guys. First of all, let me say how brave I am and how proud I am of myself for looking up this still of Ghostbusters 2. As a junior Titanic expert, that shot … Continue reading

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Filed Under: NOPE

Another day, another paranormal encounter, another reporter probably reconsidering her career choice. They don’t train you for this kind of thing in broadcasting school. WPMT reporter Katie Kyros and her photojournalist Nick Petrillo were blithely sent out to cover a … Continue reading

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Haunted Real Estate Listing of the Week

Who needs a giant 5000 square foot mini mansion that is, in the very vaguest sense of the word, in the Chicago area? [note to non-local media outlets–Joliet is not really “suburban Chicago”, thanks] It may contain the ghosts of: 1. a … Continue reading

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A (Haunted) Real Estate Opportunity for You!

If you are in the market for a former plague island that MAY have spirits that possessed Zak Bagins, you are in luck! http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/italy/10767781/Worlds-most-haunted-island-up-for-auction.html As you all know, I really enjoy ghost stuff.  Spooky houses, ghost stories, weird tourism (I’m … Continue reading

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