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Ghost Recreation

Sometimes a ghost just wants to go out and have a good time on a swing, ya know?

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Who Haunts My Apartment?: An On-Going Saga

This morning when I woke up, I was planning on getting some work done before I headed into the office. However, I remembered that the document I needed was saved on our internal server and I still can’t figure out … Continue reading

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Month of Scares: First Scary Memory!

As we hit our stride in this Month of Scares, let’s talk about what scared you the most as a little kid!

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Open Thread: Let The Right One In

Hello Monsters! Welcome to a special Monster Family™ viewing of Let the Right One In. We start watching at 6 PM EST. Find the movie on Netflix here. If you’re curious, check out the recipes of the foods I’ll be putting … Continue reading

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Disco Ghost Leaves Woman Unfazed

(Damn, looks like I missed out on that disco brunch!) A Texan woman (or is she from Cleveland? Make up your mind, fake news) who was trying to take a picture of her nephew ended up with a shot of … Continue reading

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What Type of Monster Do You Attract?

Buzzfeed, our go-to site for quality relationship advice, has designed an insightful, scientifically accurate quiz to help us with our love lives. Seriously: how can we expect to have a meaningful and honest relationship with a significant other if we don’t … Continue reading

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Filed Under: NOPE

Another day, another paranormal encounter, another reporter probably reconsidering her career choice. They don’t train you for this kind of thing in broadcasting school. WPMT reporter Katie Kyros and her photojournalist Nick Petrillo were blithely sent out to cover a … Continue reading

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