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Tourism/Work for Weirdos: Ten-pin Bowling in Turkmenistan

That I am even writing this post is ridiculous. Unbelievable. Crazy. I’m not the sort of person who ditches sensible, safe work to travel halfway round the world on my own. I’m not the sort of person who accepts a … Continue reading

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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should See Battle of the Sexes This Weekend

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Let’s Rap About Some Sports Games

I know this is too small but I don’t know how to make gifs! Try zooming in! I know this community has some varied opinions about sports. Some of us think they’re a microcosm that illuminates the human condition while … Continue reading

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Coming Through At A Crucial Moment

It’s nice when your embarrassment turns into glory. Via Tastefully Offensive

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Let’s Do This: The Homeless Monsters NCAA Bracket

Let the madness begin.  Everyone who was interested in participating in our little bracket challenge should have received an invite via e-mail.  If you did not, send me a PM (clicking on my name goes to my Twitter account) and … Continue reading

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Today’s Google Doodle is Okay

Today’s Google Doodle is about football. Here in the United States of America, where we like our sports to give its players personality-altering brain damage, the doodle links to search result items for “nfl scores.” Ugg, who even cares? I … Continue reading

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This Dog, and Our Sprits, Can’t Be Stopped

Last week was bad, but we can turn it around if we believe. Run free, little guy.  Run free.

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Women’s World Cup Sweepstake – The Draw

*drum roll please* The draw has taken place, and I can now reveal who you will be backing during the forthcoming Women’s World Cup in Canada. (Why yes, that IS a sexy model lady with nothing to do with football … Continue reading

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Homeless Monsters Women’s World Cup 2015 Sweepstake!

  OK, so FIFA are a bunch of money-grabbing shitbags, but that doesn’t mean we should totally overlook the fact that the 2015 Women’s Football World Cup kicks off on Saturday, 6th June, in Canada!

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I Guess They Don’t Have Doors In Their Home

What you use javelins for once you're retired. pic.twitter.com/gVwqK75bVa — Bryan Clay (@bryanclay) May 6, 2015 I’m sure this was excuse for not tossing out the javelin in his garage after retirement. Via Fox Sports

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