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Women’s World Cup Sweepstake – The Draw

*drum roll please* The draw has taken place, and I can now reveal who you will be backing during the forthcoming Women’s World Cup in Canada. (Why yes, that IS a sexy model lady with nothing to do with football … Continue reading

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Homeless Monsters Women’s World Cup 2015 Sweepstake!

  OK, so FIFA are a bunch of money-grabbing shitbags, but that doesn’t mean we should totally overlook the fact that the 2015 Women’s Football World Cup kicks off on Saturday, 6th June, in Canada!

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I Guess They Don’t Have Doors In Their Home

What you use javelins for once you're retired. pic.twitter.com/gVwqK75bVa — Bryan Clay (@bryanclay) May 6, 2015 I’m sure this was excuse for not tossing out the javelin in his garage after retirement. Via Fox Sports

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Just Some Old Fashioned Greco-Roman Koala Wrestling

These two feisty koala bears couldn’t look more like a pair of actual human wrestlers tousling around on the ground if they slathered themselves with canola oil, painted on some Andre-the-Giant-style unitards and ran wild on the Seattle Kingdome for a pay-per-view audience … Continue reading

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Need Something New to Read? Why not Gronk-erotica?

As I sat this morning, sipping my coffee, looking for gifs for Flanny’s birthday, and just generally contemplating my day, our local news channel brought me the following story.  Of course, I had to share!

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Tourism for weirdos: November in Paris

I know it looks like all I’ve done this year is go on holiday, but guys, I promise it’s really only been 11 days in total (which, by the way, is not enough. As some of you know, my health … Continue reading

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Season’s Greetings

Is it duck season or rabbit season?  I’m not entirely sure what happened in that video, but I’m pretty sure it’s neither. Via Joystiq

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