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I have a heart full of love

I am madly in love with baby Yoda to the point that I’m ruining my poor boyfriend’s viewing experience because I keep losing my shit when this adorable creature comes on screen. I’m really enjoying The Mandalorian and I’m totally … Continue reading

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Tuesday TV Talk

Much of the recent Star Wars news involves people bitching about the English language, but I thought I’d give a special shout out to Disney XD’s spinoff, Star Wars Rebels.  Now in its 3rd season, it’s been quite enjoyable, especially … Continue reading

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My Plans For Tonight

If you saw it last night SHUT THE F UP WE’LL TALK ABOUT IT NEXT WEEK. Via Pleated Jeans

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So Cute You Can Eat Him Up

Definitely worth 60 portions. Via Technabob

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A Relic From A Galaxy Far Far Away… and BB-8

That operating system is almost 15 years old.  Let it go already. Via Popular Mechanics

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The Perks of Royalty

It’s nice when all of our interests unite. Via ABC News

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Side Mission

Some of us enjoy this sort of thing, and it’s not like there are any other pressing Monster matters at hand, so here is a popular trailer that will garner discussion.  My thoughts?  It looks fine.  I will watch this … Continue reading

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