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Duh Aficionado Rebirth: Break Ups Are Tougher If You And Your Ex Are Still Facebook Friends

We’re all smart people here, but when it comes to love, I’m sure we’ve all done stupid shit.  This statement also applies to the end of a relationship.  Sometimes it’s hard to let go, and you don’t want to believe that … Continue reading

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A Hackathon That Cuts To The Chase

During my time here at Homeless Monsters, I’ve posted my fair share of questionable devices and gadgets.  Sometimes people have the best of intentions, but when their idea comes to fruition, the execution just isn’t quite there.  But what if … Continue reading

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Dumb Child Goes to Jail for Being Dumb

Over the weekend many of us laughed in delight as a Dutch teen faced some real life consequences for an incredibly stupid tweet. Basically what happened was she tweeted a “hilarious” fake threat to American Airlines pretending she was a … Continue reading

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Liam Neeson Hates Horses

JK! Sort of. But apparently Mr. Neeson has taken time out of his busy schedule of shooting bad guys in the face to try to stop New York’s ban on horse-drawn carriages. “But Liam,” one might say, “Do you really … Continue reading

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