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End Times Playlist #5

I think we should have one more of these before we knock it on the head in favour of something a bit more positively-titled! Here are a few more tracks as we get ready to head off into the sunset.

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I don’t know what you did this summer

It just occurred to me that it’s summer. Since I like to vacation in off seasons and don’t have kids, nothing really distinguishes the summer months for me. Are you having any summer fun? I haven’t been to any parties … Continue reading

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Summer Vacation Starts Today

Really, how hard could it be? Via Incredible Things

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Just a Good Summertime Product

This should speed things up. Via Laughing Squid

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What is Going On Here? (Caption Contest?)

I’m just going to be blunt, you all.  I think Leonardo DiCaprio has lost his damn mind.  All the supermodel dating, serious movie making, not Oscar winning has warped him and here’s what we’re left with: So let’s have a … Continue reading

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“Shut Up and Be Dead. I’m Busy.” Under the Dome Returns!

It’s back and it’s got me right where it left me: on my couch, chatting with Manners.  It’s not great, it’s not even that good, but Under the Dome is on CBS and I’m watching it.  Here’s a brief summary of … Continue reading

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The Nope Files: Schlitterbahn’s Verruckt Might Be Kaput!

It gets hot in the Midwest.  Trust me.  June through September is basically hell on earth.  It’s muggy, it’s hot, your air conditioner can’t even keep the house relatively cool, and you burn your hands on anything metal inside your … Continue reading

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