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You Just Keep Being You

  Matthew McConaughey, ladies and gentlemen… Via Pleated Jeans

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A Purrrfect Supercut

As everyone knows because I will not shut up about it, four and a half months ago I adopted a cat. I fought it for a while, pretending like I was not a cat lady. I didn’t buy a cat … Continue reading

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Just A Good Upper Body Workout

Can’t beat a classic. Via CinemaBlend

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When Was the Last Time We had a Supercut?

Well, now we know the answer to that question!  It was this morning! Part of the fun is seeing how many movies are actually in this!

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The Final Dance Of 2014

This year has been full of ups and downs, but as 2014 comes to a close, let us comfort ourselves with the one thing we can rely on: dance Via Laughing Squid

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More Like “Masters of the Burn-iverse”

We already knew the basics about He-Man: totally buff, mostly naked, possessor of certain fabulous secret powers. But did we realize that he’s just as cutting with a well-timed bon mot as he is with a two-headed battle axe? Watch out! This … Continue reading

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Can Someone Run Over this Week Already?

Surely, this terrible week will walk blindly into the street and get housed by a speeding Greyhound any minute now (preferably sometime around lunch so we can all go home early). But until then, enjoy this ridiculous supercut of people getting run … Continue reading

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