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Tuesday TV Talk

I don’t have any TV thoughts, but if you’re looking to step up your binge-watching game, I have a recommendation.  Above is the C Seed 262, where the “262” stands for 262 inches, making it the largest 4K television in … Continue reading

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A Modern Day Cone Of Silence

Maybe you should just walk out to the hall.  You’ll get your steps in that way. Via The Memo

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At Some Point You’re Going To Have To Do This Stuff Yourself

  Though you may not want to do it at all. Via Business Insider  

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A Modern Day Ouroboros

You have a calendar entry today. Via BGR

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It’s Like A Decade Had Never Passed

There’s no question that we love to live in the past.  Like many companies, Lenovo wants to take advantage of our nostalgia by apparently bringing back the popular 2004 flip phone, the Motorola Razr.  As a self-professed technophile, I thought … Continue reading

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The Future Is Here

Life is so easy in 2016. Via Tastefully Offensive

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Stylish Navigation

This is a top hat equipped with GPS that uses directional sound cues for navigation.  Perfect for an old timey detective that wants to play a rousing game of huckle buckle beanstalk. Via Hackaday

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