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Great Smartwatch, Or The Greatest Smartwatch?

Some people see the current batch of wearables like the Apple Watch or Samsung Gear S2 and think “You know, these thing are still too conspicuous for me to use,” while other people say “NOT BIG ENOUGH, LET’S GO FOR BROKE!” … Continue reading

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Does Ikea Have a Desk For This?

You’ll just need about 130 more fingers to properly operate it. Via Tastefully Offensive

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An Exercise In Futility

One of Twitter’s most prominent features is the ability to have a verified profile.  I’m glad it was put into effect, as I want to ensure that when I follow @TheRock, it isn’t someone pretending to be Dwayne Johnson (or … Continue reading

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Give Yourself A Hand

You deserve it. Via Tastefully Offensive

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Email Saved!

Let me tell you a story that probably definitely happened to you. One day you are at work, happy as can be, typing an email to your BFF. Upon completion, you hit send, only to realize that the naughty limerick you … Continue reading

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So Who Will Take The Lead On This?

We pour all of our money into this crap, yet no one is developing this crucial technology. Via Core77

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A Good Use of $8000

I like floor Pop-Tarts. Via Product Reviews

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In Depth Review

I concur. Via Tastefully Offensive

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“Bohemian Rhapsody” on a 1905 Organ

In this case, it does what it says on the tin… It’s creepy and wonderful.  Cronderful, if you will.

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The Truth is Out There: There’s Someone for Everyone!

I’m not sure how much AM radio you guys have listened to, but my dad loves it.  (Dads!)  On many a long drive with nothing breaking up the monotony of the wide open plains, a strange program would pop on … Continue reading

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