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Let’s Take A Breath And Consider Our Actions Before Committing To Them

I give it 18 months, 24 at most. Via New York Magazine

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There Are No Shortcuts In Life

On the bright side, it made golf more entertaining. Via DPnF

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The Proper Response

This is why I don’t wake anyone up for any reason.  They can figure out on their own that the house is on fire. Via Tastefully Offensive

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It’s One Of Those Mornings

To be fair, it’s your fault for letting a robot do your makeup. Via CNET

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Don’t Screw It Up

Your first full work week of the new year is almost over.  Don’t fuck it up by doing something stupid. Via DPnF

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Rainy Day Activities

I shouldn’t laugh because that almost happened to me, but I was tubing in the ocean like a normal person.  Sucks for you, buddy. Via DPnF

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Unskilled On Multiple Levels

If you’re too afraid to end a relationship, you place the spaghetti on the table, tell him or her that you need to buy a pack of smokes at 7-Eleven, then never come back.  Duh. Via Laughing Squid

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