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Get Into the Holiday Spirit With Alan Thicke and His Pals the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Having trouble getting into the proper seasonal spirit this year? You have two options at this point. Either a) relax, take each day as it comes and let that warm Christmas-y feeling gradually overtake you sometime between now and your third viewing of … Continue reading

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“Dazzle Dancin'” is a 30-Car Pileup of Terrible that You Can’t Look Away From

Rick Dees takes on the herculean task of making David Hasselhoff look soulful in this bizarro relic from the bottom rack of your local video rental establishment and just NAILS IT. 100 Homeless Monster Fun Bucks to whoever can explain his shirt … Continue reading

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“Buffalo Running Free” Sort of Fails to Deliver

I don’t know, you guys. When I see a video on Youtube with a title like “Buffalo running free,” I expect it to be pretty fucking majestic. This just feels like it misses the mark somehow, title-wise, but maybe it’s … Continue reading

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