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Take My Husband, Please!

Hey look, it’s a political ad that doesn’t make me want to waterboard myself. Via Geekologie

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Monster Community Pool – 7/23/2015

Like there would actually be that many empty chairs. Sorry, Knox County Just two of my favorite people collaborating on something I don’t know if this is something I want to experience I think we all known what this is … Continue reading

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Austin Facing Brain Drain (teehee)

Somewhere in Austin, Texas, a pitchfork mob might need to form!  Mary Shelley was just trying to warn us!

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Disco Ghost Leaves Woman Unfazed

(Damn, looks like I missed out on that disco brunch!) A Texan woman (or is she from Cleveland? Make up your mind, fake news) who was trying to take a picture of her nephew ended up with a shot of … Continue reading

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