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Take It In One Last Time

Revisit a fun moment from the past eight years. Via a website that I won’t be visiting for a while

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Some Help You Are

If I wanted to plunge my car into a body of water, I’d have my GPS guide me. Via Tastefully Offensive

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Tuesday TV Talk

Last weekend, the Game of Thrones season finale aired on HBO. ¬†As I know next to nothing about that Game of Thrones, the only thing I can post is this tangentially related clip of President Obama listing all of the … Continue reading

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Monster Community Pool – 9/1/2015

Welcome to September. Sorry, flanny. They say the same things about me. He’s obviously the next step after hanging out with Bradley Cooper. We got a modern day Wright brother here. Enjoy your final days of wearing white, people.

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Can Kids Not Imagine On Their Own Anymore?

Or are we now just giving drugs to even younger children? Via Laughing Squid

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