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Monster Community Pool – 8/27/2015

It’s like a Sisyphean hill, but with blow holes. Yup, totally works. Ah yes, the annual gathering of words. “Whoever wrote this episode should DIE!” Just a modest abode for you potential homeowners out there.  

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The OC S01E17: An Episode So Bad It Took Nine Months To Recap

Welcome back to my OC recaps, bitches! This recap had the same gestation period as a human baby but will be nowhere near as adorable, unfortunately. Thank you for your patience, and hopefully I will not be so lazy with … Continue reading

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Monster Community Pool – 6/30/2015

One can never have enough greenery. Feel free to talk about this some more Hahaha Trebek I propose starting a Kickstarter campaign to keep Robert Zemeckis alive forever Savor that extra second today SAVOR IT!  

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The OC S01E16: Oliver and Company

I apologize for taking so long between OC recaps, guys. My only excuse is that it’s hard to go from the best episode of the series to a shitty Oliver-fest like this one. Every time I tried to hit “play” and … Continue reading

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AHHHHHH YOU GUYS WE MADE IT! This is my favorite episode of The OC, even though it has a lot of Oliver. I have been impatiently waiting for the day I could recap it in all its glory and now … Continue reading

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The OC S01E14: Auld Lame Syne

It seems as though 2003 started only yesterday, and yet here we are on the precipice of 2004. What will the new year bring? Will I keep my resolutions? How long do you think it will take before I stop … Continue reading

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The OC S01E13: Please Marissa Don’t Get Drunk This Christmas

I know it feels like Thanksgiving was only yesterday, but if you can believe it, it’s already Christmas! Or, more accurately, Chrismukkah: the holiday Seth invented as a child of a multifaith household in which neither parent seems to actually … Continue reading

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