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Make Your Thanksgiving Meal Needlessly Difficult

While you’re at it, subject your dog to this nonsense. Via Pleated Jeans

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If You’re Really In The Market For Hemorrhoids

I guess we do need another social network. Via NextShark

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Watch What Happens Live

Last night, I watched the two-part episode of New Girl, where Schmidt and Cece partook in their respective bachelor/bachelorette parties.  On the ladies’ side, Jess had a simple plan: get high and watch Anne of Green Gables on what presumably … Continue reading

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Don’t Act Like You Wouldn’t Do This Shit

I have no idea what the hell George Fox University is, but it seems like a fun place. Via KATU

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You Can Keep Your Surveys

It’s all too common to watch an episode of Family Feud, listen to a contestant say something and wonder “What the hell kind of a response is that?”  However, I find myself equally thinking “Where the fuck did they get … Continue reading

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A Hackathon That Cuts To The Chase

During my time here at Homeless Monsters, I’ve posted my fair share of questionable devices and gadgets.  Sometimes people have the best of intentions, but when their idea comes to fruition, the execution just isn’t quite there.  But what if … Continue reading

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Profiling For My Amusement

Stereotyping is generally a bad thing… unless it’s for fun!   British market research firm YouGov recently released an online profiling tool that takes consumer data and compiles the average user of said product.  The first set of results it presents … Continue reading

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TV Time… Literally

If you’re one of those people that likes to quantify everything in your life, or just want to see how much television you’ve watched, here’s your chance to figure it out.  The number featured in the screen cap above only … Continue reading

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