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But How Well Do You REALLY Know Yourself?

  I would bet that the vast majority of people who have ever used Tinder have had some sort of terrible experience in their quest for love (or something that resembles it).  It’s probably because you’re using your brain, LIKE … Continue reading

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Monster Community Pool – 11/19/2015

I almost forgot to call my mom on her birthday.  I’m a terrible person. Of course the CEO of Tinder is a good dude, duh The Tupac movie we all deserve “Give the gift of comfort, companionship, and joy” for … Continue reading

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The Idol Bump

Maybe our dating lives would improve with some help from a popular singer?  (Nah, just don’t write weird/scummy profiles). Via Time

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An Exercise In Futility

One of Twitter’s most prominent features is the ability to have a verified profile.  I’m glad it was put into effect, as I want to ensure that when I follow @TheRock, it isn’t someone pretending to be Dwayne Johnson (or … Continue reading

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It’s Just That Easy

  Why even bother looking at the pictures? Via TechCrunch

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Your Weekly PSA

To all my fellow single Monsters out there: be aware of where you’re sitting on your first dates.  That is, unless you enjoy being observed like a lab rat. Via Eater

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Trix Tips: Is there such a thing as dating authentically?

Dear Commentatrix, I’ve had to write those “about me”-type blurbs in dating profiles a few times and my first instinct is always to put something cryptic and standoffish (my last Tinder bio is a quote I lifted from a Wikipedia … Continue reading

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