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Tourism for Weirdos: From Russia with Love

***Full disclaimer: I went on this trip two months ago but haven’t got around to posting this blog. SORRY.*** Remember the heady days of 2018? Oh, we thought we knew so much! I even remember posting a comment where I … Continue reading

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How have we not talked about this?

Obviously, whoever lives the closest must GO NOW, or sometime this month, and report their findings. I will happily pay the admission price in exchange for a picture of you as scale next to the octopus. And I need to … Continue reading

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Reconnaissance Work

Anyone that has already surrendered to robot overlords hasn’t given octopuses the credit they are due.  A sneaky cephalopod named Rambo (duh) somehow tricked people in New Zealand to educate her in art of photography.  Trainers at the SEA LIFE Aquarium taught the octopus … Continue reading

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Tourism For Rodents: America’s Top 12 Rat Hotspots

Are you a young rat with a little bit of disposable income and a yen to travel? Do you find the number of tourist destinations overwhelming? “Portland seems cool but I hear Wisconsin has really killer cheese!” you might say. Or, … Continue reading

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Tourism For Weirdos: Salt and Pepper Shaker Museum

During a recent visit to Tennessee’s Great Smoky Mountains, I stopped in the town of Gatlinburg.  It is one of the state’s biggest tourist town, as it borders the aforementioned national park, as well as a ski resort and numerous … Continue reading

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I Went There: The La Brea Tar Pits’ “Excavator’s Tour”

The La Brea Tar Pits is a place that I love to visit. Quik Facts: it is actually called the Page Museum at the La Brea Tar Pits, but it’s a cool “local’s only” kind of thing to refer to … Continue reading

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