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Asleep At The Wheel

I walk to work, but back in the day I used to take the public rail service to work.  This routinely happened to me. Via Tastefully Offensive

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Your End Of The Week Affirmation

Don’t ever doubt yourself, you are a powerful individual.   When it comes to conquering obstacles such as, say, a pile of snow, some may struggle with this task.  But not you, my friend.  That snow is no match for … Continue reading

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Holidays for Cheapos: the World’s Simplest Electric Train

If there is a kid on your holiday shopping list who is a) fascinated by magnetism and b) has a pretty liberal definition of what constitutes a train, then you are in luck! This electric train “kit” won’t cost you more … Continue reading

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Strength In Numbers

You know it’s an extra terrible morning when you get your leg stuck between a train and the station platform, especially after all of the warnings you receive to “Mind The Gap”.  Fortunately for one Perth rider, the rest of his … Continue reading

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Sign Me Up for the Amtrak Writer’s Residency Program!

Lots of Monsters are writers, so I thought I’d pass along this awesome piece of news: Amtrak is implementing a writer’s residency program. The more I think about it, the more I want to do it. It all began when … Continue reading

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