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Realized Music Potential

One day I will become as good as this chicken. Via Incredible Things

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Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

He’s not going to let 66 million years of extinction stop him from performing sweet tricks. Via Geekologie

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I’ll Have One Of Those

I assume they’re infused with whatever gives that guy his powers. Via Pleated Jeans

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Why Even Bother Switching Shoes When You Get Home?

Just get that workout out of the way. Via DPnF

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This is OUR Generation’s Cocktail

It’s socially acceptable to have a drink this early, right? Via DPnF

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Today Is A Great Day

Nothing can go wrong.  NOTHING! Via DPnF

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The Greatest Meowgician of Our Time

The title of this amazing gif is “He’ll never suspect a thing.” Does your pet have any special talents? My beloved Vedder the Cat was great at stealing my pillow in the middle of the night and she could throw … Continue reading

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Entertainment With Old Forms Of Money

Coins, while nice to look at, are probably the most cumbersome form of currency (aside from the goat you traded for a pair of boots).  So when we get to the point where you’re paying for stuff via smartphone, you’ll have … Continue reading

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A Totally Normal Frisbee Outing

I guess all the parks in Nashville were occupied. Via DPnF

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Inaugural Monster Beauty Corner

Ladymonsters! (And Dudemonsters, let’s not conform to traditional gender roles here!) Lately, I have been spending a lot of time on Pinterest looking at hair and makeup tutorials. (Oh hey look, Fatima, it wants me to recruit you.) If you … Continue reading

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