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Valentine’s Day Nightmare Post

  Hello everyone. Could you smell something in the air this morning? It was LOVE, I think. Or it could have been commercialism, I’m not sure, and the good thing is, I’m definitely not bitter. Because I’m sick of the … Continue reading

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On the Cutting Room Floor: Lost Plotlines of Love Actually

December is the time of year we all come together to celebrate love, family and friendship. The giving and receiving of gifts, the making and eating of delicious meals, the myriad holiday traditions carried over from generation to generation… these … Continue reading

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People Are Angry About Amy Schumer’s GQ Photoshoot For The Wrong Reasons

As I’m sure you’re all aware, Amy Schumer appears on the cover of the latest GQ sucking on C3PO’s finger while wearing Princess Leia’s official sex slave bikini top. Inside the magazine there are more lurid pictures of Schumer getting frisky … Continue reading

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Monster Marriages

Fresh off of the horrifying new of B T Cumbersmooch’s engagement, and my horrifying revelation that I watch and legitimately love the pinnacle of reality television, FYI channel’s Married at First Sight, I think that we as a family need … Continue reading

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Wait, Have We Really Not Talked About the Wedding of the Century Yet?

Oh em gee everybody! Dave Rygalski from Gilmore Girls and Carrie Bishop from Veronica Mars are TOTES MARRIED! Wait… that’s not right. I meant to say Berkley from New Girl and Justine Chapin from Entourage got hitched! Hmm, no. That’s … Continue reading

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This is Just a Very Romantic Valentine’s Day Gift

(via Reddit) (I know, sorry) You guys, Valentine’s Day is almost upon us, but I’ll bet you haven’t even found a thoughtful gift for your sweetheart yet. Let’s be honest—if you haven’t picked out a present by now, you are … Continue reading

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