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Tuesday TV Talk: Fall Review

Several actors from shows I loved in the past are featured in the fall broadcast network line up, obligating me to watch at least a few episodes out of loyalty. My coworker recently told me, “Your problem is that you … Continue reading

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TV Talk on a Thursday

Wait, what day is it? Yeah, I’m posting this on a Thursday because I did a Keanu Project entry on Tuesday. But it’s been so long since we talked about television, and I have things to discuss!

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TV Talk: Nostalgia Edition

For some reason, I’m thinking this week about shows I miss from my childhood. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that my boss’ ringtone is the theme song from Greatest American Hero. But the show most on … Continue reading

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Tuesday TV Talk

The Lost In Space reboot debuted this past week on Netflix.  I have not seen it, but people I know say it’s fun but ultimately pointless, which is how I feel about the Andrew Garfield Spider-Man movies.

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Tuesday TV Talk

For the past few months, I’ve been like “When’s the final season of New Girl gonna start airing?”  The answer is tonight, at 9:30pm EST.  That’s that.

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Tuesday TV Talk

Atlanta is back.  I’ve had mixed feelings from episode to episode, but at the very least they’re always interesting, and I’m glad it’s back.  I’m still one episode behind, so please do not spoil last week’s show for me.  Thanks!

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Tuesday TV Talk

During Sunday’s Oscar presentation, ABC rolled out a teaser for the Roseanne revival.  I never saw the original show, but for you that did, mazel.  The only news I can remember regarding this series is about how Roseanne Conner is … Continue reading

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