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Guys, I Think I’m Too Old For Technology

I have proudly served as this site’s technology correspondent since its inception, but lately I have reconsidered my qualifications.  I feel like I’ve done my best to keep up with the Snapchats and Vines of the world, but sometimes I just don’t … Continue reading

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Now You’ve Done It, Internet

For the first time this year, the good people at Collins ran a campaign known as Twictionary, where they plucked the most popular new words featured on Twitter and polled people on which one they’d like to see entered in … Continue reading

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Important Informartion on the Cereal Content of Heaven

If you’ve been keeping an eye on movies you may have seen the trailer for the upcoming Greg Kinnear vehicle Heaven is for Real; the true story of a four year old boy named Colton Burpo who briefly died an … Continue reading

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Dumb Child Goes to Jail for Being Dumb

Over the weekend many of us laughed in delight as a Dutch teen faced some real life consequences for an incredibly stupid tweet. Basically what happened was she tweeted a “hilarious” fake threat to American Airlines pretending she was a … Continue reading

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