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The Garbage Report: Whatever The Fuck Is Happening With Taylor Swift and Kanye West

I hate to be That Guy, but in recent weeks it’s felt like we are actually on the verge of some apocalyptic rivers running red with blood type shit and yet when I woke up this morning, what was the … Continue reading

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Making Dating More Obnoxious

Dating can be tough.  You have to deal with creepers, ghosting, and the torture that is writing a damn profile.  Apps like Tinder have simultaneously made things easier, but has carried its own set of problems.  Other apps have attempted … Continue reading

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What the Children are Up To

Teens are into so much these days: But you know what trend the kids are really getting into these days?  Summoning Mexican demons!

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It’s the Batman Trailer We Need, but Also the One We Deserve

People (this dork included) got really excited about the new Star Wars trailer last week, but one other franchise launched its new trailer this weekend too.  I must say, I approve of the new direction Zack Snyder is moving in … Continue reading

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We’ve Reached Peak Wahlberg!

When last we heard from the erstwhile Marky Mark, he was petitioning the Massachusetts government to have his…um…youthful indiscretions expunged from his record.*

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Doctor Who S08E10: It Ain’t Easy Being Green

A little girl in a red coat is running through the forest, terrified, in the first of many vague fairy tale allusions that ultimately go nowhere and have no point in this not very good episode of Doctor Who!

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Guys, I Think I’m Too Old For Technology

I have proudly served as this site’s technology correspondent since its inception, but lately I have reconsidered my qualifications.  I feel like I’ve done my best to keep up with the Snapchats and Vines of the world, but sometimes I just don’t … Continue reading

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Indiana Jones Casting News…NOPE.

(To set the mood: Play this musical accompaniment for this quick post. Plus its just one of the greatest scores ever…it will make you work harder at your desk FYI.) Of all the questionable choices that the Indiana Jones franchise has … Continue reading

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That’s Our Boyfriend, James Franco

Today in uuuuggggghhhh news, James Franco propositioned a 17-year-old girl on Instagram in a way that can only be described as “aggressively desperate,” and she posted the evidence, because of course she did; she’s a kid who got hit on … Continue reading

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Monsters’ Sports Review: Dear God, Why Edition

I think the author’s opening line says it best: “I don’t even know where to begin with this story.”

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