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Summer Food Series: July 4th Edition

It has been a while, but it is time for another VERY IMPORTANT FOOD POLL. In just a few days, all of America is going to travel to their respective cabins, lakes and backyards to do what we do best…celebrate … Continue reading

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What’s Your LEAST Favorite Food?

We talk a lot about our favorite foods here, because food is great, but let’s switch it up today and talk about what we DON’T like. Because food can also be really, really gross. I’ll start: 1. Olives. I drizzle … Continue reading

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Fall Food Series: Which Thanksgiving Side Dish Is The Best/Worst?

It’s almost Thanksgiving! In just a few short weeks, we’ll all be stuffing our faces and pretending the Pilgrims weren’t weird, racist Puritan jerks. And let’s be real: no one really cares about the turkey. Turkey is fine; I like … Continue reading

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Science Brings Us More Gifts

Yesterday, we saw a fun demonstration on how gravitational forces work.  Today, I bring you another story of how science continues to do tremendous things for our society.  Our friends at the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester conducted an … Continue reading

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VERY IMPORTANT POLL, Month Of Scares Edition: Let’s Rank Halloween Candy

We’re going to do things a little differently with this poll, because there’s just so much that can count as Halloween candy. Trying to pick one favorite would be too hard–plus, then we wouldn’t get to talk about that staple … Continue reading

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Fall Food Series: Pie SHOWDOWN

Talking about pizza in our first post of the day was fun, so let’s talk about another kind of pie: pie pie. Autumn is pie season, and it’s time to peel those apples and puree that pumpkin and roll out … Continue reading

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The Return Of VERY IMPORTANT POLL: What’s Your Favorite Fall Comfort Food?

That’s right! The Summer Food Series is dead (until next year); long live the Fall Food Series! Let’s jump right in by discussing our favorite warm, satisfying, fatty, carb-filled comfort foods. As soon as the temperature and humidity drops, I … Continue reading

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