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The Full Swedish Experience

I’ve been skeptical of this new VR trend, but now that meatballs are in play, I’m sold. Via The Next Web

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Screw It, This Deserves A Caption Contest

We don’t do caption contests here as often as we used to (it’s tough!), so I was hesitant to post one.  But by God, look at this shit!  How could I resist?  What kind of man slaps on a freakin’ … Continue reading

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Respecting Your Elders

The woman raised your mother/father and all and you get her cardboard VR?  She’s your grandmother for Christ’s sake! Via ViralViralVideos

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Monster Community Pool – 9/10/2015

This is the dream.  A pool with a view of the mountains. These two, amirite? October is just around the corner. Personal thought: I always thought butterbeer sounded disgusting. Another excuse to keep eating cereal. Well, my dream anyway…  

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The Future of VR… Delivered?

Virtual reality is making a comeback.  Thanks to endeavors such as Oculus Rift and Sony’s Project Morpheus, the head gear technology is the latest trend in Silicon Valley.  Naturally, Google wasn’t going to pass up on this opportunity, and decided to throw their … Continue reading

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Just a Russian Virtual Reality Demonstration. What Could Go Wrong?

I don’t know what the best part of this video is. How it goes on interminably for a minute and a half before getting to the prank part (c’mon, guys, how about a little judicious editing)? Or perhaps it’s the stocky … Continue reading

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