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Great Smartwatch, Or The Greatest Smartwatch?

Some people see the current batch of wearables like the Apple Watch or Samsung Gear S2 and think “You know, these thing are still too conspicuous for me to use,” while other people say “NOT BIG ENOUGH, LET’S GO FOR BROKE!” … Continue reading

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The Wearables Race Is Heating Up

Marathon runners will have another food to nourish their bodies on the go.  Not to be outdone by Dole, Japanese tomato distributor Kagome has developed its own device to deliver the red fruit straight to your piehole.  The machine, known as Petit-Tomatan, sits … Continue reading

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Looks Great In An Armband

Wearables are one of today’s biggest tech trends.  For the uninitiated, “wearables” is the collective term for all the smart gadgets that are worn like regular accessories (e.g. Google Glass, Apple Watch, Fitbit bands, etc).   Wearables are so hot right … Continue reading

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Would It Really Be A Selfie At That Point?

Despite the DIY convenience, selfies can be a real hassle to take.  Your arms can stretch out only so far, and we know it can be very awkward using props to assist with your photography.  Christoph Kohstall believes he has … Continue reading

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