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Cheer Up Ben Affleck

Someone out there still cares. Via Cinema Blend

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A Carp Controversy: You Decide

This video is making its way around the Internet, with great enthusiasm.  It’s only natural.  A fish flying through a tempest, only to smash into some girl’s face?  Priceless!  Of course, comedy this gold is always suspect.  Some out there … Continue reading

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Festival Fun

When you’re on something, anything can be fun to play with. Via Neatorama

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Easy Breezy

Just a regular sentence coming out of one’s mouth. Via Death and Taxes

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Keep It Together, Guys

Look, I know meeting Bruce Campbell is a BIG DEAL, but you’re professional local TV people.  You need to get your shit together and tell us how hot it’s going to be for the next 4 days, not spout off … Continue reading

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Wrath Of God

  He really should be punishing the person taking a portrait mode video. Via SayOMG

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A Gift From The Heavens

It’s nice to be passionate about your work (and natural phenomenon). Via 22 Words

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