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Cheer Up Ben Affleck

Someone out there still cares. Via Cinema Blend

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A Carp Controversy: You Decide

This video is making its way around the Internet, with great enthusiasm.  It’s only natural.  A fish flying through a tempest, only to smash into some girl’s face?  Priceless!  Of course, comedy this gold is always suspect.  Some out there … Continue reading

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Festival Fun

When you’re on something, anything can be fun to play with. Via Neatorama

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Easy Breezy

Just a regular sentence coming out of one’s mouth. Via Death and Taxes

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Keep It Together, Guys

Look, I know meeting Bruce Campbell is a BIG DEAL, but you’re professional local TV people.  You need to get your shit together and tell us how hot it’s going to be for the next 4 days, not spout off … Continue reading

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Wrath Of God

  He really should be punishing the person taking a portrait mode video. Via SayOMG

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A Gift From The Heavens

It’s nice to be passionate about your work (and natural phenomenon). Via 22 Words

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The Other Extreme

Those of you up north may be freezing your asses off, but at least you don’t have to deal with the extreme Arizona heat. Via Laughing Squid

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Local Weather Report

After an aggressive cold spell, it looks like the weather in America is warming up.  Unfortunately it means less of this, but I’m sure it’s nice being able to drive on the highway.  How’s the weather in your neck of … Continue reading

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Breaking: Cat Held By German Weatherman

Awww, wie suess!

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