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Valentine’s Day Nightmare Post

  Hello everyone. Could you smell something in the air this morning? It was LOVE, I think. Or it could have been commercialism, I’m not sure, and the good thing is, I’m definitely not bitter. Because I’m sick of the … Continue reading

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Some People Just Can’t Be Bored In Life

If it’s good enough for Greek Fire, it’s good enough for base jumpers. Via GrindTV

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Who Knows Why Some People Think Of Things

The open source hardware project known as Arduino has inspired a number of great DIY creations.  This may or may not be one. Via ViralViralVideos

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A Wales Story Part II: The Dart Game

Previously, on A Wales Story… A whole lot of writers invade a small Welsh pub. Dave, a heavy-smoking, heavy-drinking man of indeterminate age enters and his brain nearly implodes when he sees the pub full of lovely twenty-something American women. They … Continue reading

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What the Children are Up To

Teens are into so much these days: But you know what trend the kids are really getting into these days?  Summoning Mexican demons!

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That’s Your Boyfriend: Sexy Hamburglar

Oh man, just look at your boyfriend. I know that at first you were unsure. “He’s a criminal, for goodness sake! He’s addicted to fast food! I can’t let myself fall in love with the bad boy, NOT AGAIN!” But … Continue reading

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Gaudy Rock Auctioned for Gaudy Amount of Money

Per Buzzfeed and others (photos are from the AP), a massive eyesore of a diamond ring (100 carats!!) just sold at auction for $22 million dollars.  Think about that.  $22 million for this: In case it’s not clear how staggeringly … Continue reading

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