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Tournament of Hotties: Third Time’s the Charm

Since both of the polls for the final battle were subject to some dubious voting practices, we’re going to do this differently today. Please comment with your vote (in case you forgot, Chris Evans or Keanu Reeves) AND because I … Continue reading

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If it Ain’t Broke, Fix It (Also Tuesday TV Talk)

Remember Qwikster, and how great that turned out? Like, worse than New Coke? Well, you know those star ratings on Netflix? I don’t know about anyone else, but when I’ve never seen or heard about a show, I kind of … Continue reading

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Catching Up with Cumberbatch!

I know it’s been awhile since we’ve talked about Benedict, depsite the fantastic news that Tilda Swinton will be co-starring with him in the Doctor Strange movie as Doctor Strange’s mentor in the arcane! But there’s a new item out … Continue reading

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A Good Old-Fashioned Caption Contest

What on earth is this goat thinking? This still is from a new film called I Believe in Unicorns, a coming-of-age drama.  However, this goat has opinions.  And you all can give voice to them.  Winner gets to be known as … Continue reading

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Are We Cursed? An HM Investigative Report

After the terrible news broke yesterday that Zayn was leaving One Direction, our very own blogmother, Theresa, made the offhand comment that we may be cursed.  I think she’s right, and I think we might be able to trace it … Continue reading

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Who’s Thirsty for Some Orangina?

I know I’m not!

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Well…I’m done for the day

Isaac Mizrahi, who you might remember from the 90s or the time he groped poor Scarlett Johansson on the red carpet now sells his fashions on QVC, as one does.  Then this conversation happened and I don’t know what is … Continue reading

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“Saw Hero” is the Hero Gotham Deserves

“Perfect.” – The Creator of “Saw Hero”

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Season’s Greetings

Is it duck season or rabbit season?  I’m not entirely sure what happened in that video, but I’m pretty sure it’s neither. Via Joystiq

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Looks Like Someone Was Hogging All the Teeth

So 232 teeth were extracted from the single mouth of a teenager in Mumbai. Hey kid, save some for the rest of us! Seriously, though, his condition was caused by a “rare benign tumor,” which had to suck beyond all belief, so … Continue reading

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