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Remember, Folks, It’s Technically Still Summer

Yes, it’s no long a thousand degrees outside, and yes, this is a cover, but it STILL CAN be the song of the summer. Via Vibe

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Keeping The Mad Men Tradition Alive

The series finale of Mad Men may have come and gone, but there are still some fun stories about the show floating around.  Take this little tale regarding BuzzFeed reporter Susan Cheng’s interview with actor Paul Johansson, who played Ferg Donnelly, aka … Continue reading

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Looks Like Someone Was Hogging All the Teeth

So 232 teeth were extracted from the single mouth of a teenager in Mumbai. Hey kid, save some for the rest of us! Seriously, though, his condition was caused by a “rare benign tumor,” which had to suck beyond all belief, so … Continue reading

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Now You’ve Done It, Internet

For the first time this year, the good people at Collins ran a campaign known as Twictionary, where they plucked the most popular new words featured on Twitter and polled people on which one they’d like to see entered in … Continue reading

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I hope you’re not having a bad day today, but if you are, I definitely hope you aren’t having THIS bad of a day. Storms and flooding down south are causing all kinds of problems, including this highway collapse near … Continue reading

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Joni Ernst Approves This Message

If I ever go to one of her campaign rallies, remind me to wear a cup. Source: 22 Words

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