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Doggie Hero? Or Just Regular Dog?

In their Sunday edition, HuffPost featured a gif of what they believe is a dog intervening to defend a cat victim from a cat bully:

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Nightmare Files: “Dead” Man Digs His Way Out of Grave

Several of us are talking about nightmares in the comments (move, spidermonk!), so I thought I’d add something to fuel more nightmares and therefore more awesome stories. And I do love a story when a dead guy comes to life, … Continue reading

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Comedy Open Thread

Did you guys watch TV this week?  Were there any funny shows?  I loved all the funny shows!  New Girl and The Mindy Project had similar storylines (spoiler!!!) and they were both so funny about it.  Our best friend Max … Continue reading

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So close, MTV Movie Awards…

The once amusing and now grueling MTV Movie Awards have just announced their nominations, and man, do they almost have me.  First, they said that this year’s host was Conan O’Brien.  Like our good friend J-Law 2, I love that … Continue reading

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Commentary Commentary: Guiness World Records

We all miss the Videogum comments section, right?  It was absolutely one of a kind.  If you’ve spent any time looking at literally any other part of the internet (and I know you all have, n3rdz), you’ve seen just basically … Continue reading

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Tourism for Weirdos: The City of Arts and Sciences

Recently, I spent a few days in the city of Valencia.  It’s a wonderful Spanish town, with numerous cultural landmarks, great shopping, and too much amazing food for someone with a paper mache stomach to enjoy.   But far and away, … Continue reading

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