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A Cookie Too Pretty to Eat

In case you were looking for a way to be both awed and mesmerized by cookie frosting…enjoy this gem: From cookie decorator: Mezesmanna

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Ghost Recreation

Sometimes a ghost just wants to go out and have a good timeĀ on a swing, ya know?

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Jack Black / Jimmy Fallon Sing “More Than Words”

When is Jimmy Fallon going to ditch the suit and just do a sketch show already? This duet with Jack “Talented Spaz” Black is right on the money, both weirdly accurate and uniquely theirs.  

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Baby Pig Demonstrates How to Get What You Want

It’s simple. If the belly rubs stop, aggressively exploit your cuteness to get more.

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Leo, Marty and Bob Take On Advertising

[Unfortunately, YouTube took the video down, but you can still watch it here: ] Enjoy this teaser trailer for a short film releasing Spring 2015. The film is a big fat advertisement for two casinos in Philippines and China, … Continue reading

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Frozen Trampoline/Panda in the Snow

I was writing a brief post about a cute panda playing in the snow, when I stumbled across another trampoline video. Two in one day?!?!?! Our ghost father, Gabe, must be smiling down on us from blog heaven. This seems … Continue reading

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Best News Bloopers September 2014

This is worth ten minutes of your time. Take a break on this weird Thursday, grab a coffee or tea or dry martini, and enjoy. (At least watch the first one.) Sorry about the distracting fake boobs.

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