What Are You Having For Lunch Today? Also, News.

Mid-to-late summer is a bit of a pop culture wasteland, isn’t it? There’s just not much going on right now! And we’re all hot and tired and dealing with the fact that Michael Bay movies still make a lot of money. Let’s distract ourselves with food news, and also regular news if you have any.

I’m having a salad with sardines (yes, really. I like them!) and, for lunch dessert (real thing), cherries and a banana. I don’t have much regular news, but I have been making good progress on my latest writing project after a long, loooong period of creative inactivity, so I’m very happy about that. What about you?

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40 Responses to What Are You Having For Lunch Today? Also, News.

  1. flanny says:

    I’m being taken out to a celebratory lunch by two of my references. I don’t know where we’re going, so I’ll keep you updated. I am starving, though.

  2. I am having left over rice and beans with an avocado on top. It’s only 11:30 here and I’m already starving. C’mon, noon, get here faster!

  3. Today for lunch I am having the exact same thing I have every day, so I will not talk about that (turkey wrap with vegzzzzzzzzzz sorry I fell asleep). But! I got back from vacation last night and it was great! So I will tell you about one of the meals I had on the trip!
    The best was at a steakhouse where it started with a caesar salad they make at the table, which is a very cool thing! The salad was so delicious I could have eaten 1 more and been happy. It had these bacon cubes that were outstanding. Next, for the main course, I had a steak – California cut striploin aged 45 days from Canadian beef (we were in Canada). It was great. They served it with 3 separate types of salt and 3 sauces (cheese, asian, pesto – all were fancier and more delicious but those are the summary words). Mr Truck got a TBone which was actually much better than my steak, but he let me have some. For sides, we got scalloped potatoes and creamed corn, both of which were amazing. To drink, I had a gin drink that I can’t remember the ingredients but it was kind of like a gin old fashioned and it was delicious. We did not have dessert because we were both very full from all the amazing food.

  4. Sota says:

    I don’t know what I am having for lunch. But I wish this diet coke I am drinking right now had vodka in it. I have been fighting with my computer all day and just restarted which is just the last resort after the spinning rainbow wheel makes me want to poke my eyes out.

    Here is my recent news:
    1. I saw 22 Jump Street the other night…that was highly entertaining. I like stupid humor entertainment, so sue me!
    2. Today is Graphic Tee Thursday at work. We are a cool office what can I say? Today I wore my Bayside Tigers tshirt. The intern at work told me he’s never seen Saved by the Bell and that made me feel super old and worried for the youth of today. How can they go through life not knowing how to deal with a caffeine pill addiction?
    3. This weekend I have exactly zero plans and so I put one thing on my to do list for the weekend: Catch up on sleep. CANNOT WAIT. Is it Saturday yet???

  5. catweazle says:

    I am having a stupid Clif bar in like 30 minutes and I am so starving because I failed to have breakfast again. Get it together, me!

    Right now I am trying to decide which movie to see tomorrow after work: Snowpiercer at the theater that’s harder to get to, or Begin Again at the theater that’s easier to get to?

  6. msmessica says:

    Blackened Chicken Alfredo, a real go big or go home lunch, for people who can’t go home because jobs. I don’t have much news, other than I saw Snowpiercer and it was very good. Great news! Thanks movies!

  7. randilu says:

    I got a mozzarella, tomato and arugula sandwich at the new sandwich shop in my office building and it is very good – super yummy mozzarella. But the big story is the meal I had last night –

    Because we did something outside of our normal work duties, a group of my coworkers & myself went to Scampo in Boston last night for dinner on the company’s dime. And it was amazing.

    It started with fried calamari, tuna sashimi, duck fat fries, and a mozzarella tasting plate (they have a mozzarella bar. A MOZZARELLA BAR). SO SO good. Then, for an entree, I had grilled swordfish with a spaghetti like side with crumbled crab. Also had a couple of bites of my coworkers’ dishes which included a Chilean sea bass & sugar & butter corn ravioli (these raviolis were heaven). I finished it off with this chocolate mousse thing that had a homemade butterscotch marshmallow on top. Plus, we were drinking fancy smancy cocktails throughout the dinner. It was one of the best meals of my LIFE.

  8. nastyemu says:

    Sorry everyone, we got free Chick-fil-a for lunch at work and I ate it.
    Femu and I are planning on selling our house next year, so we’ve been doing things to make it nicer. This weekend I get to clean and then re-stain our deck! I’m ready to be a renter again.

    • welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

      Our neighbor across the street spent all weekend cleaning and re-staining her deck. I know this because Mr. Costco and I could see her as we spent the majority of our weekend sitting on our balcony, smoking cigarettes, like lazy bums, while she was super productive.

      We want to sell our place ASAP, so we will soon be starting the mad dash of getting it “show ready.”

      • mordonez says:

        I fear that should we ever want to my house, I’ll have no chance of getting it “show ready” when literally every flat surface not occupied by a bookshelf or piece of furniture has craft supplies or guitar amps or god knows what on it. I don’t understand how people who actually still live in a place manage to “stage” it, unless that only happens on HGTV.

        Also screw it, I think I’m going to go get a polish and fries, and you can’t stop me.

        • mordonez says:

          OH this comment system. “Sell my house”.

        • nastyemu says:

          I’m sure we’ll end up renting a storage unit when we list it, to make it as uncluttered as possible. But yes, 90% of HGTV is lies.

        • welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

          I’m not very good at organization, so getting our place show ready presents quite a challenge. I imagine there will be a few drop offs to the Good Will in our near future.

  9. welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

    I had a granola bar and fruit cup, but that was more of a snack. I’ll probably eat some cereal pretty soon because I am an adult, and I can eat cereal whenever I want!

    Two of the three brochures I am working on have been sent to the printer, so I feel like a great deal of stress has been lifted off my shoulders, but only for a minute because I have to catch up on everything else (like laundry and sleep) due to working on three brochures at one time.

  10. FRQ says:

    The usual turkey sandwich and other random junk in my desk drawer.

    As for me news:

    1) Once again I slept like total garbage, so I’m stopping this ridiculous therapy that has brought me nothing but misery. As for the future, I don’t know what I’m doing to do. I have a couple of ideas, but I feel like I’m going to have to resort to some sort of Swiftian solution, like hiring a guy to tase me if I wake up in the middle of the night.
    2) I finally saw the so-called “most violent mainstream movie since The Passion of The Christ”, which is The Raid 2. Don’t get me wrong, it was quite violent, but I’ve (unfortunately) seen worse. However, it was a solid action movie, and recommend it to anyone that enjoys butt kicking (and butt stabbing)
    3) This JCrew final sale is going to be the end of me.

    • mordonez says:

      By the end of the Raid 2 I had some very serious kicking a guy fatigue. I was like, man, this climactic scene is pretty anticlimactic because stuff on the same level has been happening now for 9 hours. But still, it was, you know, good and stuff? Also I didn’t see the first one, so I’m probably totally lost in my overall comprehension of the Raid-a-verse.

  11. Wallflower says:

    It is rainy here so I had a grilled cheese sandwich and cheetos. Yep. I would really like to have dessert but there’s nothing in my house and I’m too lazy to get off the couch.

    I’m currently dealing with the news that Eva is having Ryan’s baby (I don’t use last names because we are obviously friends).

  12. old man fatima says:

    Last night for dinner I made fancy healthy mac n cheese. I used a recipe off pinterest for faux alfredo sauce that is basically just pureed cauliflower with garlic and spices, and I threw in tons of fresh veggies and white cheddar and tomatoes and olives and siracha. I smoked a cigarette with a friend after dinner and felt super ill (I quit smoking 7 years ago), which I attributed to the cigarette, but I just had that mac n cheese again for lunch and got really sick again! But my friend was fine! And there was nothing in it that should have made me sick! Everything was fresh and healthy and I have no allergies.

  13. superiorglue says:

    I had terrible Chinese food (tofu and eggplant in garlic sauce, which was more like tofu, eggplant, zucchini and broccoli in salty brown goop) and a slice of Disney Princess cake! Coworker birthdays! Wooooo!!!!

    • superiorglue says:

      Oh also I hurt my back last night so part of my lunch was a BC Powder. So all in all it was a bouquet of flavors.

  14. I am back on a paleo kick so for lunch I am having chicken and a sweet potato. It’s as boring as it sounds.

    But, I did just buy a bunch of tickets (way, way too many) for OutFest which is a big LGBT Film Festival that they have every year and I’m super excited about a couple of them. However, my friends are currently being super lame and not getting back to me about whether they’re going to come with me or not so I might just be the sad person hanging out in the back by themselves. That’s always super cool.

  15. Mintie says:

    I haven’t had lunch yet, because Australia, but I’m going to go to this weirdly cheap and delicious food court for lunch and I am super looking forward to it. It’s extremely dodgy and probably hellishly bad for you but it hits the work-lunch spot so good.

    I’ve been trying hard to cook lunches for myself this week, but it’s just meant that I’m eating bolognaise every day (I got the recipe out of this cookbook by Roy Choi that I adore), and I am breaking it up by going back to my old, chinese-food filled, ways.

    I ate a whole pizza last night too! Gonna go walk around those famous Australian beaches on the weekend! Yeah!

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