How Was Your Weekend?

Happy 2018 for real this time! What did you do over the weekend? It was SO COLD and snowy here, so I stuck with my pledge to not leave the house. Begin as you mean to go on, and all that.


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Theresa Couchman was born in Upstate New York, went to school in Upstate New York, and currently resides in Upstate New York. She has a pair of impractical Master's Degrees and a taste for the pointlessly weird, and is occasionally funny on Twitter.
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13 Responses to How Was Your Weekend?

  1. hotspur says:

    Ahoy! Happy New Year! My weekend got off to a rocky start but turned out memorably nice. Mainly because last night I was taught how to cook an amazing steak in 5 minutes. All you need is:
    1) A steak
    2) A cast iron pan
    3) Butter, oil, salt & pepper, a handful of garlic
    4) 5 minutes
    I would have paid $20 at a restaurant for what cost me $6. (It’s not a huge secret. It’s from Gordon Ramsay.)

    MORE IMPORTANTLY: Has anyone here with cable witnessed the secret code word needed to enter the HGTV Dream House 2018 sweepstakes? It is open till Jan 4, and if I win, you’re all invited. But I don’t have cable so I can’t get the code without you. (All monsters are invited even if you are no help, but if you are the one who gives me the code, I will make you your own key.)

  2. Kate says:

    I went to a wedding at the Jersey Shore. It was as cold as you might imagine but we still had fun. The bride arranged a bus to take us from the church to the interim bar to the reception and back so we could imbibe. The band was fantastic. And the groom’s uncle is the actor who played Shooter McGavin from Happy Gilmore, so he sang mustang sally with the band. That was Saturday, and we drove home on Sunday and collapsed. December was a blur.

    • hotspur says:

      Jersey Shore! My old stomping ground! I lived in Belmar for a while, and “summered” in LBI one summer, and was offered a job managing a liquor store in Asbury Park, but passed that up because it was robbed at gunpoint lots. I hope you got a pork roll sandwich.

      • Kate says:

        We were at Stone Harbor, and most everything was closed for the season! Luckily we rented a condo with a kitchen so we could feed ourselves. When we weren’t eating wedding food.

        • hotspur says:

          Ohhh, that’s way down south. I rented a cheap house for a week with friends in nearby Wildwood when I was 18, though, so I’m going to pretend I know Stone Harbor. And yes, some shore towns shutter almost completely through the winter! I didn’t think of that.

  3. FRQ says:

    I spent most of last week visiting family in South Florida, so this cold spell was like a punch to the face. That being said, it was pretty good. I spent Saturday returning gifts, babysitting, and watching Lady Bird. I thought it was just okay, but it might be because it doesn’t appeal to my demographic. I felt that it didn’t offer anything significantly different from other coming of age stories. On Sunday I finished watching Marvelous Mrs Maisel, then headed to my friend’s NYE party, where I ate as many cookies as possible before starting my new diet. It was worth it. Yesterday I went to the gym, then watched The Last Jedi again. I went in with all of the criticisms in my mind, plus a more cynical attitude, but I still do not understand why people hate it so much. It’s a perfectly fine movie,

  4. Tracey says:

    I haven’t been feeling well since Thursday, so not a great start to 2018. But I found a show on New Year’s Eve that quickly became my favorite new show of 2017. I might end up doing a whole post on it, because I love it so much. If you can get your hands on a free trial for YouTube Red or YouTube TV, check out Ryan Hansen Solves Crime on Television.

    I also watched season two of Travelers on Netflix, and it’s fantastic. I can’t remember how strongly I felt about season one (strongly enough to finish it and come back this year), but this season was just so good.

  5. catweazle says:

    I watched the first two seasons of Black Mirror and therefore had some creepy dreams. I like it so far but I thought the Waldo episode was really dumb. On NYE my little sister and I went to a barcade in my old neighborhood (the one we went to when you were in town FRQ!) because it was one of the few places that didn’t have a cover charge. It was fun even though mutliple games ate my quarters. Yesterday I was hungover of course so I slept a lot and then ordered Sonic from Uber Eats like a real asshole. Starting the New Year off right!

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