So, How Was Your Day?

Ugh, my day. It was fine, honestly, but I’m just not in a good mood for some reason. Me right now:

But I hope your day was better! Tell me all about it.

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Finally, a Printer that Gets What We’re About

When I learned that a Japanese tech company called Nikkei Technology was developing a robotic printer that moves around and delivers your prints to you, my knee-jerk reaction was “geez, how much lazier can we get?” Like most Americans, my primary source of cardiovascular exercise is the few times a day I get up from my swivel chair and walk the eight or nine paces from my desk to the printer. Taking that away from me is basically a death sentence, which makes a chilling sort of sense when you consider the very real implications this new printer has on the robot uprising that threatens us all.

That being said, when the hell my office is going to get one already?

(Via Laughing Squid)

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These Are Neat

Artist Eisen Bernard Bernardo incorporates celebrity magazine covers into famous paintings, and the results are pretty cool. You can see them all here (this is my favorite) but I included one that will be of special interest to certain Monsters under the cut:

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What Are You Having For Lunch Today?

There’s not much going on today (SO FAR, I might have just cursed us), so let’s talk about lunch. I’m having a salad with sardines, but don’t worry, I don’t share an office or cubicle with anyone. I’m not evil.

(Also share any news you want to share! Lunch and news always go together.) (I don’t have any news.)

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Cupertino Does It Again

Exclusive look at the new iPhone.  Don’t say I never do anything for you guys.

Via Laughing Squid

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There is not an original thought in Hollywood’s pretty little head

Full House might be getting a revival. Unlike a lot of things getting revivals, I actually did watch this show. AND I DID NOT LIKE IT. (Didn’t like it because I didn’t think the Olsens were good actresses, because I was nine years old and already super judgmental.) The only character I’m interested in is Duck Lips, aka the velociraptor boy in Jurassic Park, who it seems is such a Full House deep cut that I can’t even find a gif of him.

So what do we think? Bring back the original cast? Or new cast? That woodchuck will CLEARLY be involved in some way, right?

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Texting During Movies…Allowed?

A recent Hollywood Reporter article introduces a new way to watch movies…

Theaters in major Chinese cities have starting experimenting with “bullet screens” on which audiences can send text messages commenting on the film, which are then projected directly onto the screen.

SERIOUSLY? This sounds like a nightmare.

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