The Jeff Goldblum Jurassic Park Laugh Remix We’ve Been Waiting for Our Whole Damn Lives it Seems Like

Cancel your appointments. Unplug the fax machine. Log out of Send the kids to the in-laws’ house. Tranquilize your pet(s) with a potent yet non-lethal prescription-grade barbiturate. Wrap your phone in several scarves or old bedsheets until it is isolated within a distraction-muffling core of fabric about two-feet thick on all sides. Move the roast from the top rack to the middle rack and turn the heat down to about 200. You are now ready to experience the nirvana-like consciousness that this remix of Jeff Goldblum’s weird jaguar-like laugh from the helicopter scene of Jurassic Park imparts upon all living souls. #Om #Shanti

(via Above Average)

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More Spooky Stories, And What Are You Having For Lunch Today?

As a companion to our scary book rec post yesterday, here’s Flavorwire’s list of The 50 Scariest Short Stories, with links to read some of them online.

And in what I hope is NOT spooky for you: what are you having for lunch today? I had a salad with sardines, which was probably pretty scary for my coworkers (don’t worry; I closed my office door and opened the window while I ate. I’m not a…wait for it…MONSTER!) (Get it??) (I’m so good at jokes.)

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Doctor Who S08E09: Teeny Tiny TARDIS

Clara has been sticking by her dubious “Pretend that Danny gave me permission to keep adventuring with the Doctor” plan, carefully making sure the Doctor drops her off at the same time and same place as she left whenever they get back from a trip. It is working pretty well until something goes haywire and they accidentally end up in Bristol instead of wherever it is that Clara lives in London, and what’s more, the TARDIS exterior has gotten considerably more wee.

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Are We, As A Nation, Ready To Forgive?

A story on Newsy yesterday proclaimed that after all of his recent troubles, Shia LaBeouf is geting us to like him again.  LaBeouf is currently on a press tour for his new movie Fury, and he has been opening up to various talk show hosts about all the misbehaving he has done.  This include strange performance art, grabbing Alan Cumming’s ass, and getting into what seems like over a thousand fights.

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Shake Shake Shake

This turtle has better moves than me.

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That’s A Little On The Nose, Ghost

This video is from an old Cracked article called the 6 Most Eerily Convincing Ghost Videos On YouTube, and fair warning, there are some super creepy screenshots at that link. Most of the videos are obvious but well-done short films that aren’t trying to pass for real ghost videos, but this one is interesting because the footage is so comparatively crappy:

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Eerie Tourism for Weirdos: Haunted Boston Tour


Scene setting:  A crisp, New England fall evening.  As it rains on and off, a group begins to form around a large sculpture grouping memorializing the Irish Potato Famine.  Huddled under umbrellas, pulling our jacket collars up against the wind, friends and strangers gather around a gent named Hank. . .

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