Tell Me About Your Most Memorable Halloweens!

Halloween is TOMORROW, everyone! Let’s tell stories about our best, worst, or otherwise notable Halloween experiences. What were your trick-or-treating traditions as a kid? How much did you throw up after that one Halloween party in college? What are some of the best costumes you’ve seen on your neighborhood’s trick-or-treaters? What are you doing THIS year? It’s chattin’ time.

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A Taste Of The Cosmos

I’m not a big whisky drinker, but whenever I do have a glass, I try to have something worth consuming.  If successful, my next cocktail contain some experimental whisky from Ardbeg Distillery.  Three years ago, they teamed up with commercial space company NanoRacks to get batches of the alcoholic beverage on the International Space Station to see how it would age in microgravity.  The maturation process recently completed, and the samples were returned to earth, safely touching down in Kazakhstan.  The whisky was shipped back to NanoRacks’ HQ in Houston, where they will conduct further studies on the effects of space on Ardbeg’s product.  They plan on publishing their findings by next year, so by then hopefully astronauts will have something better to drink than Tang.

Via Popular Mechanics

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Famous Ghost News!

Courtesy of our very own former blog mom, Kelly Conaboy, over on Defamer:

Radar reports the new owner of the boat Natalie Wood shared with her husband Robert Wagner, “Splendour,” has put the boat on the market because he’s sick of getting spooked by her ghost:

“I’ve been hurt twice on the boat mysteriously. Weird falls. It’s just like my feet came out from under me and I fell.”

Now, I’m not saying someone should buy this boat, spray paint “YOU AND/OR CHRISTOPHER WALKEN TOTALLY DID IT, DIDN’T YOU” and leave it on Robert Wagner’s lawn. I’m just saying that’s what I would do if I had the spare change.

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Scaries & Remotes: 90210 Season 2 Halloween Episode

You guys! I am so excited for this. Halloween in Beverly Hills! As we start off…really this show is just classic. Even the theme song is perfection. It involves family hugs, hammer pants and cheeseball title card smiles. So good. Please enjoy it over and over again.

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If You Thought A Town Full of Dolls Representing The People To Used To Live There Would Be Creepy, You Are Sort of Right But Mostly Wrong.

When I read the headline that there was a village full of dolls made by some old lady in Japan, I was like, “Oooh, that’ll be good and spooky for month of SCARES.” But it actually wasn’t scary, and it wasn’t even particularly sad. It’s sort of sweet. BONUS: You can watch the video at work on mute because there’s no dialogue! It’s all subtitled!

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So, How Was Your Day?

Only TWO DAYS TO GO until the Scavenger Hunt is over! I’ll repeat this in the actual post on Friday, but: if you have multiple pictures, it would be best if you uploaded them to an album you can make public (Photobucket, Flickr, Facebook, etc) and just post the link, or else the comments will get pretty unwieldy and everything’s going to get marked as spam. If you only have one or two pictures, you can just post them right in the comments (and definitely still post them, even if you only got one! I want to see them all!). Ahhh, I can’t wait to see everyone’s pictures!

(Also my day was fine.)

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This is footage of last night’s NASA’s Antares Rocket launch which…could have gone better. (It was unmanned, so one was hurt, thank goodness.)

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