Why Artdork Died

Pretty much just this…

916 bcu

Benedict pulling a Mr. Darcy.  I’m dead.  How are you going to die?  Let my ghost know and carry on with your day!

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(Here’s a Sleepy Duckling) Is this Week Over Yet?

If you’re anything like me right now, you are in a state of numb disbelief that it is only just BARELY Wednesday, even though it feels as if a solid three or four years have ticked by since the weekend. At this rate, the adorable, sleepy duckling in this video will have gone from a tender-eyed hatchling to fully alert (if somewhat jaded) drake before The Vampire Diaries even gets here.

What say we all just make like the duck, curl up against the softest corner of a spiral notebook and hit the ol’ snooze bar until sometime a little closer to the next holiday weekend?

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Butterfly Lands on Flautist’s Face, Almost Like It’s *SUPPOSED* to Be There

This is surely either a harbinger of world peace or the first salvo in some kind of awful insect invasion against our woodwinds, I’m not sure which.

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The Return Of VERY IMPORTANT POLL: What’s Your Favorite Fall Comfort Food?

That’s right! The Summer Food Series is dead (until next year); long live the Fall Food Series! Let’s jump right in by discussing our favorite warm, satisfying, fatty, carb-filled comfort foods.

As soon as the temperature and humidity drops, I want to stuff myself with pasta and cheese like a toddler that is also a bear preparing for hibernation, so I’m going to go with mac and cheese. But there are so many others! Soups, casseroles, oatmeal, pancakes: what do you eat when you want to fill your stomach–and your heart, but hopefully not literally; watch those cholesterol levels–with the edible equivalent of a mother’s love?

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Florida Children Now Free to Hail Satan at School

Ah, Florida, the most reasonable state in the union! Isn’t it amazing how no interesting news stories ever come out of “America’s Wang”? How all you ever hear is that Florida is a peaceful paradise, full of wetlands and theme parks and old people? How they never, EVER have any problems with bath salts?

Ha ha jk Florida is the worst, no offense Floridians. But out of this morass of insanity has emerged one of the more perfect news stories of our time. After a bafflingly illegal sounding decision to allow Christian zealots to distribute Jesusy materials in public schools in Orange County, Florida (the lesser OC), a lawsuit led to the county’s grudging decision that if Christians could try to indoctrinate children into their religion, then any religious group should be able to throw their hat in the ring.

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Month of SCARES* Planning Post

*Spooky ‘Caps and Really Eerie Stories

Hi guys. First of all, let me say how brave I am and how proud I am of myself for looking up this still of Ghostbusters 2. As a junior Titanic expert, that shot was enough to fuel my childhood nightmares for years. I haven’t watched that scene since I was, like, 9. I’m getting tougher, guys!

So we spoke last week about having a big spooky October, and I volunteered like a maniac to organize. It seems like there were a number of ideas people had for posts or serieseseses. Continue reading

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Maybe Not The Best Surprise

One of my greatest fears is shaving my beard, then eliciting this response from everyone around me.

Via Tastefully Offensive

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