Autumn Jam Alert: Chili-Related Wendy’s Employee Training Banger

Kudos to the Wendy’s songwriting department (also RIP, probably). They make the Brill Building look like the Grill Building, am I right? Seriously, though, this video is both highly danceable and highly instructive. The only part I take issue with is the idea that “chili can be served with cheese.” Can? I daresay that it should–nay, must–be served with cheese, but I guess people were playing fast and loose with their chili toppings back then.

(Via Laughing Squid)

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So, How Was Your Day?

My day was mostly fine, but I have a headache coming on and I left my migraine meds at home, so I’m getting steadily grumpier. I’ve been listening to the Blade Runner soundtrack to make my suffering seem atmospheric and emotionally fraught, so that’s helping.

Keep on keeping on with the Scavenger Hunt! I’m very sad that Month Of Scares is almost over, but I’m very, VERY excited to see everyone’s Scavenger Hunt photos, and for the other posts we’ve still got coming up. (I’ll be honest; I might not be able to get to my TV episode recap, but I will try.)

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Star Wars Clips With French-Existentialist Subtitles

Now look here, ladies and gentlemen. I’m just a country lawyer. I don’t know any more about philosophizin’ than a raccoon knows how it got those rings on its tail. But I do know one thing: when you subtitle a French dub of Star Wars with Jean-Paul Sartre’s concepts of freedom, death and consciousness, well, you’ve got something mighty funny indeed. The prosecution rests, y’honor!

(Video after the jump…to lightspeed!)

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So, we’ve already talked about how I feel, well, weirded out about the whole Madame Tussauds deal.  It’s. . .creepy in an “uncanny valley” sort of way.

That face tells a story…and that story is “WHA????”

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Let the Right One In: Cheering for the Monster

Darkness. Snow. Soft flakes fall evenly, descending at a slight angle. White against black: a foreshadowing of the visual contrast between our protagonist and our antihero.

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Our Phones Basically Own Us At This Point

As our smart phones get bigger and bigger, modern society faces a new problem: our pockets are too damn small for these gargantuan devices.  Fashion brands have been mulling over the best way to adapt current collections to keep up with the times.  However, the pants-wearing public cannot wait for these companies churn up a solution, so the people have taken it upon themselves to fix the issue.  Tailors have started to offer pocket-widening services to the masses.  They have popped up in China and the Netherlands, as seen above.    The things people do for their phones, I guess.  Me?  I’ll keep my jeans in tact and just buy a regular sized phone, thanks.

Via Tech In Asia

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Dachshund’s Creek

Grams is my favorite.

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