Tomorrow is Thanksgiving here in the US, so there won’t be any new posts until Monday, December 1st, because I’m going to be on vacation, woo! And then it will be the start of Month of Cheers! We’re not actually going to do much planning for Month of Cheers, except for the Scavenger Hunt (which will work the same way as the Month of Scares Hunt) and the Secret Santa, which I’ll post about on Monday. Otherwise, if you want to post about Christmas and other holiday stuff–just go for it! All kinds of cheery posts are welcome.

American Monsters, have a fun, safe, and fattening holiday, and non-American Monsters, have a fun, safe, and fattening regular weekend.

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Traveling In Style

Thanksgiving is one of the most hectic travel times of the year.  But despite the crowded airports, weather delays, and luggage issues, at least you don’t have to push your own airplane in -60 ° weather.

Via The Siberian Times

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Make your mama cry: emotionally manipulative holiday commercials

It’s that time of year folks! The time where our favorite corporations try to wrench  hard earned dollars out of our hands by wringing tears from our eyes!

If you’re from the Southeast, then you know that the King of Emotional Holiday Commercials is Publix Supermarkets. Publix was founded in Florida and is undoubtedly the best of supermarket chains, and I will brook no argument on this point.* For years now, Publix has been making moms cry by creating a series of holiday commercials with the perfect mix of Norman Rockwell nostalgic imagery, music, and sentiment.

Here’s this year’s Thanksgiving commercial:

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Dog Dressed Like Bear Demonstrates Winter 5K Training Program

We end up talking a lot about our fitness goals on this site, and I know something that I’m struggling with is working out during these cold months. This dog (“Munchkin”) is showing us both of our options at once. Either you can work out indoors on a treadmill, or you can bundle up in a weather-appropriate bear costume and brave the squalls.

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God Is Watching Us (Eat Tater Tots)

They say you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.  Brad Green respectfully disagrees.

Via 22 Words

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Seven Movies to Watch Now Before They Expire on Netflix Streaming

Josh Jackson has the backs of all who love Netflix streaming. For Paste Magazine, he compiled a list of all of the movies that will expire by the end of November, and pulled out seven titles we should definitely watch now before we have to order the DVD version, and who has the time to wait for movies anymore? Seriously, I had to wait DAYS, like two of them, for the first of the Homeland DVDs to arrive, and I nearly died of impatience.

Anyway, here are the top seven:

The King’s Speech (Formulaic but beautiful, featuring a fantastic cast)

The Apostle (Awesome film, Robert Duvall was made for this role)

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F%^$in’ Friends!

Kimmel isn’t my favorite of the Jimmys, but he does seem to know how to get the Friends cast to do stupid things on late night television. I support that. Last time it was a reenactment in Monica’s kitchen, this time he got Lisa Kudrow and Jennifer Aniston to compete in screaming obscenities at each other.

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